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Rahul Chitteth Ramachandran

Naval Architect at Hauschildt Marine A/S

Name: Rahul Chitteth Ramachandran
Age: 29
Nationality: Indian
Company: Hauschildt Marine A/S, Skagen & Copenhagen
Title/education: Naval Architect/ MS in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

I ended up in Denmark because

I am a Naval Architect and I was looking for jobs in Denmark, which is one of the biggest maritime industry hubs in Europe.

What surprises me most about working in Denmark is

The nice and easy-going work culture which is stress-free and I can maintain a good work-life balance.

My Danish colleagues are

Very friendly and helpful.

Life in Denmark is

Peaceful and relaxing. The country, people and environment are very nice.

I would recommend anybody moving to Denmark to

Get a good idea about the weather and buy comfortable clothing.