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The EURES network informs, guides and facilitates the free movement of employees within the European Economic Area

EURES (European Employment Service) is an organised network of public employment services and other partner organisations in the EEA, coordinated by the EURES Coordination Office in the European Labour Authority (ELA). EURES has three main objectives:

  • To inform, guide and provide advice to potentially mobile workers on job opportunities, as well as living and working conditions in the European Economic Area.
  • To assist employers wishing to recruit workers from other countries.
  • To provide advice and guidance to workers and employers in cross-border regions.

EURES Advisors

Workindenmark and all Jobcenters in Denmark are part of the EURES network. The Jobcenters have appointed EURES contact persons and at Workindenmark, EURES advisors are ready to provide you with information about international employment.

Become Part of EURES Network

Does your company or organization wish to strengthen the free mobility of workers and assist companies in recruiting employees across borders in Europe? It is now possible to be part of the EURES (European Employment Service).

Learn how to become part of the EURES-network