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Magendran Padmanaban

Calibration & Controls Specialist at Dinex A/S

Name: Magendran Padmanaban
Age: 30
Nationality: Indian
Company: Dinex A/S, Middelfart
Title/education: Calibration & Controls Specialist/ Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

I ended up in Denmark because

First time I visited Denmark was in 2016 for a Project work at Copenhagen, On a personal note Denmark was the first country I visited outside India. During my stay I had a positive impression about the Danish Society & people which has made my mind to look for career opportunities here. Coming from an Automotive background I ended up getting an mutual benefit of career in DINEX R&D for contributing towards environment, Also in the country which I wished to be.

What surprises me most about working in Denmark is

Trust matters the most when it comes to work which also gives freedom to individuals to showcase their talents, This is the reflection of Danish Society. Flat organization culture that makes every employee in the organization to have a healthy workplace, share their views & take responsible for companies growth. Most important is the work life balance that makes Demark special from other countries.

My Danish colleagues are

Awesome, highly skilled, helpful, Respect one’s value. Made my life simple in Denmark both work & private life. They have a perfect blend of work-life balance.

Life in Denmark is

Interesting to explore new things, culture, tradition, climate & love towards nature. There are many good things like equal society, social welfare & Danish governance. People are engaged or volunteer to contribute for a better future that is something interesting I experienced in Denmark. Learning Danish makes you feel part of the society & makes things easier. Hygge time is a very special thing I experienced.

I would recommend anybody moving to Denmark to

Enjoy the bundle of happiness with Safe stay, healthy environment & quality of life. Look for opportunities in the field of research & development, Innovation, creativity to explore the whole new way of crafting new ideas.