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Katiana Valenza Sánchez

Dentist at Dentist Kristian Kirkevang

Name: Katiana Valenza Sánchez
Age: 31
Nationality: Spanish
Company: Tandlæge Kristian Kirkevang
Title/education: Dentist

I ended up in Denmark because

My husband wanted to work in the wind industry. I have always given him my full endorsement, so we moved to Denmark when he got a job here.

What surprises me most about working in Denmark is

The super friendly working environment and trust culture.

My Danish colleagues are

Easy-going and supportive. They are always smiling and it is really nice to work with them.

Life in Denmark is

Exciting and a challenge at the same time. Coming from southern Europe, I find that many aspects of life are quite different, but yet enriching. In Denmark I have discovered "hygge"... and I love it!

I would recommend anybody moving to Denmark to

Be open minded and willing to live new experiences. Learning the language could be a first step to connect with the Danes!