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Clara Marrodan Perales

Surveyor Engineer at Femern Link Contractors

Name: Clara Marrodán Perales
Age: 34
Nationality: Spanish
Company: Femern Link Contractors (FLC)
Title: Surveyor Engineer

I ended up in Denmark because

It is already my second time in Denmark, the opportunity in both cases was because a colleague at university informed me about the job opportunity

What surprises me most about working in Denmark is

The work/life-balance is really good

My Danish colleagues are

Friendly and calm

Life in Denmark is

Relaxing and peaceful - without the noise of big cities.

Work in FLC is a big challenge to develop my skills, it is a big project that covers different areas (earthworks, building construction, motorway, railway, tunnel, marineworks) using very new methods. As surveyor I am really glad to be part of the team because I will follow all the processes of the full project from the beginning and I have the opportunity to work with different equipment and software

I would recommend anybody moving to Denmark to

Experience a new life