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Stories about Denmark told by Expats

Eleven expats share their experiences in working and living in Denmark to inspire you who are considering relocating to Denmark

The Smooth Relocation to Denmark

Read about how Workindenmark helped Jan get a job in Denmark.

Read Jan's story

Arun's Way to a Job in Denmark

Read Arun's tips for your job search in Denmark.

Read Arun's story

Speaking Her Patients' Language

Meet Maria, a General Practitioner within Healthcare.

Read Maria's story

The Workplace is Flat

Meet Hannes, a Geoscientist within Engineering Consultancy.

Read Hannes' story

A New Way of Working - And More Time to Play

Meet Fabrizio, a System Integration Specialist within Energy.

Read Fabrizio's story

From Stepping Stone to Dream Job

Meet Emily, a Licensing Coordinator within toy production.

Read Emily's story

How to Land a Job at an Online Job Fair

Meet José, who found a job in Denmark at an online job fair.

Read José's story

Landing my first job at a career fair

Meet Lisandro, who found a job in Denmark at an onsite job fair.

Read Lisandro's story