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Tommaso Pietro Pellini

Process Systems Engineer at Novo Nordisk Manufacturing Kalundborg

Name: Tommaso Pietro Pellini
Age: 27
Nationality: Italian
Company: Novo Nordisk Manufacturing Kalundborg
Title/education: Process Systems Engineer / MSc Biochemical Engineer

I ended up in Denmark because

I wanted to study abroad during my master's degree and to study within pharma. I applied to study at DTU for 2 years and found the opportunity to have an internship at Novo Nordisk. I preferred the opportunity to be in the industry instead of focusing on academia.

What surprises me most about working in Denmark is

Even though I did not have much experience when I started on the job market, I noticed that employees receive a high amount of trust. And I feel like I have been equally valued, both as a student and new colleague. On top of that, there is a good work life balance, and flat hierarchy.

My Danish colleagues are

My closest colleagues consist of a mixed team of young, international people. Our primary function is to use data to optimise production processes. Even though we are a young team we have proven ourselves in the field. My other colleagues are open to try to speak English, and I have also learned a bit of Danish to break the ice.

Life in Denmark is

It is flexible. You work until 4 or 5 pm and still have time to do other activities in the evening such as sports. I commute 100 km to Kalundborg from Copenhagen daily, with the company bus. In Copenhagen, I get around by bike, because it is a very bike friendly city. There is an open culture, and everyone speaks English, and one of the plusses is that there is always an English language option on national webpages.

I would recommend anybody moving to Denmark to

If you are considering moving to Denmark, you should find a place to stay if you are looking to live in a big city. Also, look up some of the guidelines on moving to Denmark and how to become a fully integrated citizen.