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Alex Espuñes Juberó

Geologist at Rambøll

Name: Alex Espuñes Juberó
Age: 31
Nationality: Spanish
Education:MSc in Geoscience from University of Copenhagen (KU) and BSc in Geology from the University of Barcelona (UB).
Company: Rambøll
Title: Geologist

I ended up in Denmark because

I wanted to live somewhere else in Europe and I got admitted to an MSc in Copenhagen. I got charmed by the city and its people and, after some harsh months of the covid period, I got a job at Ramboll, where I have been gladly working on wind farm projects as a geologist.

What surprises me most about working in Denmark is

The flexible work schedule, flat hierarchy, and good life-work balance. The fact you can finish work around 16 gives you lots of free time in the evening for meeting friends or hobbies

My Danish colleagues are

They are very friendly, know lots of bad jokes, don’t know the difference between sunny and warm, and love drinking beer. Lots of beer. They are also very professional and relaxed, and we have some regular social events going on, like breakfast on Thursday (Morgenbrød) and Friday bar (Fredagsbar).

Life in Denmark is

It is quite relaxing, with lots of opportunities for young professionals trying to make a better life for themselves. Winter months can be cold and dark, but nothing some good old vitamin D supplements cannot help with (this is very important, trust me!). Summers are nice and warm(-ish), and it doesn’t rain too much, to be honest (and I am from Barcelona!). I recommend joining some group activities or sports to be social as Danes are friendly and have good humor (they are known to be the Spaniards of the North). I personally joined and volunteered, as a board member and VP, to the CBS international choir where I met most of my friends in Copenhagen.

I would recommend anybody moving to Denmark to

It’s always a difficult choice to move abroad, but Denmark is a very good candidate: a very welcoming country to all kinds of professionals, with honest and trustworthy people, and perfect for people who like biking (it’s almost all flat!). I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a change of atmosphere and is looking for a more relaxed and balanced life.


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