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Expats Working in Denmark

Watch the videos and learn what expats have to say about Denmark

Healthcare in Denmark

Meet Daniele from Italy. He works as a nurse at Lillebælt Hospital in Kolding.

Meet Axel from Germany who is a social and health assistant at Lolland Municipality.

Belén from Spain
works as a social and health assistant at Lolland Municipality in the home care department.

Sustainable energy in Denmark

Loredana Racareanu works as a telecommunications tender engineer at Semco Maritime, where she really enjoys the flat hierarchy, the responsibility for sustainability and the work/life balance.

Meet Andreas from Germany. He is an engineer from Hamburg, living in Vejle. Andreas works as a manager of an engineering team at Vattenfall Wind in Kolding.

Doing I.T. in Denmark

Meet Magdalena from CroatiaAngelo from ItalyCorneliu and Alpár from Romania. They are all IT-professionals who have moved to Denmark to pursue their IT careers. They share their experiences of working in Denmark.

My Big Danish Moment

"My Big Danish Moment" is a series of short videos that portray four expats who have chosen to work and live in Denmark. They talk about their professional challenges, future plans and encounters with a work-life balance the Danish way.

Meet Alistair from Australia. He is a specialist in mass spectrometry. He works in a biotech company in Copenhagen. He chose Denmark because of the vibrant research/business scene in life science in Medicon Valley located in Greater Copenhagen and Southern Sweden. He now enjoys a cool lifestyle and a great work-life balance.

Meet Hannes from Germany. He is a geoscientist. He works in an engineering consultancy in Vejle in the central part of Jutland. He was very surprised by the flat management hierarchy in Denmark. He is happy with the work-life balance, which allows him to spend more time with his family after eight effective hours at the office.

Meet Maria from Spain. She is an M.D. She works as general practitioner in Grindsted in the southern part of Jutland. She chose Denmark to have more time for her patients and her family. She now enjoys a short bike trip to her practice instead of the long drive to her former job in Spain.

Meet Cristina and Pedro from Portugal. They are both engineers specialising in steel. They work in an iron foundry in Aars located in the Northern part of Jutland. They were amazed to find out that Denmark is so well-organised and advanced in technology.

Cooking in Denmark

Meet Rainer from Germany who is the head chef and owner of Michelin starred restaurant Ti Trin Ned in Fredericia. Rainer talks about the importance of work/life balance.

Meet Claudio from Italy who is working as a chef at Trattoria FIAT in Copenhagen. Claudio about the advantages of working as a chef in Denmark.

Bartosz from Poland works as a Sous Chef at the company Helpper in Copenhagen. He finally has time for his hobbies outside of work.

Industrial Manufacturing

Meet Iulian from Romania. Iulian is working as a foreman at Welcon in Give. Hear what he has to say about the great working conditions in Denmark and the opportunities to advance your career, if you put in the hard work.