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Julieta Daniela Mercanti

Senior DevOps Engineer at Danske Bank

Name: Julieta Daniela Mercanti
Age: 29
Nationality: Argentinian
Company: Danske Bank
Title/education: Senior DevOps Engineer

I ended up in Denmark because

I was looking for a change in my life and after visiting Denmark during vacations I decided to upload my CV in Workindenmark webpage. One year later, I received a call with an offer to work in Aarhus, went through the interview process and accepted it.

What surprises me most about working in Denmark is

The safety that you can breathe in all places around and the work-life balance that gives you opportunities of finding new activities to do and spending quality time with your family. Another interesting point that surprises me about Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, is the amount of people cycling every day and low or even not perceived traffic in the streets.

My Danish colleagues are

Very competent and very open to help during the onboard processes that takes place during the first months. They generate a relaxed atmosphere at the workplace and are easy-to-talk persons, they are happy to have great discussions and exchange feedback.

Life in Denmark is

A life-change decision. Even without realizing it, you will start adopting the Danish lifestyle, for instance, start selecting healthier food and walking and cycling will become a normal transportation option.

I would recommend anybody moving to Denmark to

Be open to learn a new challenging language and learn about a great culture, focused on equality and balance.