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Give Your New Foreign Employee a Good Start

Provide your foreign employee with as much help and assistance as possible. It will make the entire process a better experience for everyone involved

Retention of International Talent

Recruiting qualified labour from abroad is a necessity for many Danish companies. However, a sole focus on attracting talent is not enough. If the company overlooks the task of securing the well-being of the employee and hence is unable to retain the newcomer, the recruitment investments can quickly go awry.

Therefore, helping your new employee to a good start is paramount in your efforts in retaining that employee. There is no checklist to securing the well-being of your new employee. Which steps you want to take in helping your employee feeling welcome, is up to you.

We have gathered a lot of information about living and working in Denmark for foreign employees. It may serve as an inspiration for you when figuring out how best to retain your new employee given your resources.

The information will most definitely be educational for a foreigner so referring your employee to our website can be a good starting point, even before arriving in Denmark. Especially our section on workplace culture including a free e-learning course on the subject, we find to be most enlightening for foreigners.

Go to "Working in Denmark" section

Go to "Workplace Culture in Denmark" section

Furthermore it could be beneficiary for you to refer your new employee to the International Citizen Service, which is a nationwide service for newcomers staying for more than three months. ICS is a coordinating cooperation between all the relevant Danish authorities. At ICS, your employee can get the necessary paperwork done. 

Go to "International Citizen Service" section at lifeindenmark (new tab)