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Are you interested in working offshore in Denmark? Then you have come to the right place. Look at our job portal to find vacancies and continue reading if you want to know more

Welcome to this brief introduction to the Danish offshore industry. We hope it will inspire you to kick-start your career in Denmark.

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Meet expats working in the offshore sector in Denmark

Meet Andreas from Germany. He is an engineer from Hamburg, living in Vejle. Andreas works as a manager of an engineering team at Vattenfall Wind in Kolding.

Meet Roman from Ukraine, who works at Semco Maritime as a blacksmith.

Wind, oil and gas

The Danish offshore industry is most notably known for its expertise in wind energy. Since the first offshore wind farm in the world was installed in Danish waters in 1991, Denmark has been a leader in developing and implementing offshore wind turbines. The industry has since then grown significantly making Denmark the home to some of the largest offshore wind farms in the world.

In addition to wind energy, the Danish offshore industry has since the 1960s been involved in oil and gas exploration and production, as well as maritime and engineering services. The industry has played an important role in the Danish economy. However, the focus on renewable energy and specifically offshore wind has become increasingly important in recent years.

This industry has created many jobs and economic opportunities in Denmark, as well as contributing to reducing carbon footprint and transitioning to a more sustainable energy system.

How are working conditions in Danish offshore?

Working offshore in Denmark means focusing on safety and meeting environmental standards. Workers are therefore well trained to handle the demanding conditions of working at sea.

Typically, workers on offshore installations work on a rotation basis, spending a certain number of weeks or months offshore followed by an equal amount of time onshore. This allows for a balance between work and personal life.

Living conditions on offshore installations in Denmark are generally good, with comfortable accommodation, recreational facilities and high-quality food provided for workers.

What are the requirements to work offshore?

The requirements to work offshore in Denmark depend on the specific job and industry. Generally, most offshore jobs require workers to have a certain level of education, training, and experience. This might include courses in safety, first aid and offshore survival skills.

In addition to education and training, offshore workers in Denmark must also meet certain physical and medical requirements. This might include passing a physical fitness test and meeting specific medical requirements related to offshore work.

Finally, workers in the Danish offshore industry must also have a good understanding of safety and environmental regulations and be committed to following best practices to ensure the safety of themselves and their colleagues, as well as the environment.

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