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Service and hospitality

Look further into the Danish sector of Service and hospitality

Welcome to this short overview of the Danish Service and Hospitality Sector. We hope it will give you some inspiration for looking for a job in Denmark.
It is normal that these work places are very international, and therefore English will often be the spoken language.

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Please watch this inspiring video with Bartosz, Sous Chef at Helpper.

The Restaurant Industry in Denmark

Right now, many restaurants in Denmark are looking for trained Head Chefs and Chefs as well as trained Waiters for their many guests.

In 2020 Danish restaurants had a combined turnover of 5 billion euros, it went down from 6,2 billion euros in 2019 because of the pandemic, but it is on the rise once again.

You might not know a lot about the Danish restaurant sector in advance, so here is a quick introduction to Danish cuisine from the official website of Denmark:

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Maybe you have heard about the famous restaurants in Denmark such as Noma and Geranium which hold three Michelin stars and AOC, Kadeau, Alchemist, Kong Hans and Jordnær who all hold two stars. And actually, Denmark has 39 Michelin stars divided between 28 restaurants.
They have all helped put Denmark on the international Gastronomy map, and Denmark has become a popular destination for many food tourists every year, but all kinds of restaurants from cafés to big franchises are looking for trained workers.

Watch this interview with Italian chef, Claudio

The Hotel Industry in Denmark

In Denmark, there are many different kinds of hotels to choose from because of the very variable landscapes and settings. There are seaside hotels on the west coast, big luxury hotels in the biggest cities, Spa hotels hidden away in forests and budget hotels scattered all over the country in all bigger and smaller cities.

Right now, the hotels in Denmark are particularly looking for trained Receptionists as well as Chefs and Waiters if they have a restaurant in their hotel.


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