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Rules and Regulations

The general rights and obligations of a foreign employee are the same as for any of your other employees. This means your foreign employee must be treated exactly the same as any Danish employee.

For example, the salary of the foreign employee and the content of his/her employment contract can be no different from what you would usually provide for a Danish employee in the same position. Having said that, there are a few important regulations you should be aware of when you decide to employ foreign professionals.

Hiring a Foreign Employee – A Digital Guide

The Danish Business Authority and the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) has collaborated on a step-by-step digital guide for employers who need to hire a foreign employee. 

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Taxation Rules for Foreign Employees

It is important to keep updated on the taxation rules applying when hiring a foreign employee. The Danish Tax Agency has created a guide to help companies and employees get an overview. Danish guide for companies - når du har udenlandske medarbejdere

Labour Rights

The international workers you hire have labour rights, but which? Do they need a work contract and what should it contain? Is there a statutory minimum wage you should abide by? What are the rules concerning health and safety? You will find answers  in our brochure about rights and obligations. 
The brochure could also be a good handout to new international employees. 

Know your rights and obligations(PDF) 

Rights and Rules for Posted Workers

If you acquire the service of a posted worker (an employee who is sent by his European employer, to carry out a service in Denmark) special rules come into play.

The Danish Working Environment Authority governs these rules. At their website you can read about the rights concerning working conditions and health and safety for posted workers in Denmark.

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