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Business and Finance in Denmark

A brief introduction to the Business and Finance sector in Denmark

The Danish finance sector is recognised as one of Denmark’s positions of strength. The sector’s diverse opportunities include banking, investment, insurance, pension, and Fintech (financial technologies). The cluster Copenhagen FinTech represents this sector. What characterises the Fintech cluster is its ecosystem of companies, knowledge institutions, industry associations, and public actors that work together. This gives the sector great possibilities for innovation, development and growth, making itself relevant now and in the future.

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Being recognised as one of Denmark’s positions of strength implies that the sector is of national importance and a leading actor on the global stage as well.

Other business associations within the field of economics, business and finance include:

Finance DenmarkFinansforbundetInsurance and Pension Denmark

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Seven interesting companies within the sector

Here are seven interesting companies within the economics, business and finance sector in Denmark. They represent only a few of the many opportunities this field has to offer, but these may serve as a great starting point in your job search.