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Kick-start your Job Search for the Fall

Vacation time is over and it is back to business as usual. That also applies to jobseekers

1. Start fresh
If you did not get a job before or during the summer, do not worry. Now is your chance. Begin your post-vacation job search by creating a list of your new job search goals. Goals, such as applying for a certain number of jobs or simply getting a job, are not entirely within your control. Instead, you should set small, realistic goals that will help you get a job. That way you are 100 % in control of whether the goals are reached. Once you know what direction you want to take your job search, it is time to put your ideas to work!

2. Organise your search
Once you know your goals, it is time to organise them. Creating to-do lists can be a great way to structure and prioritise your time and job search process. Before you start your lists, find out what you want to do and what you can do (skills). When this is settled, it will be easier to make a plan.
If you need some help creating a job search list, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Consider which companies you want to work for
  • Follow interesting companies on their social media channels
  • Network with employers, recruiters and professionals on social media
  • Update your resume, cover letter, social media and/or portfolio
  • Obtain references and letters of recommendation
  • Draft a networking email/message and send it to employers

Just as with your goals, your to-do lists should be realistic and achievable. Remember to dedicate time to focus solely on your job search and networking efforts, whether it be an hour or several.

3. Take networking to the next level
Maybe you have not been that active on social media during your summer holiday, but that is okay – neither have we! Now that you are back, it is time to kick your networking efforts up a notch. Many offices are now filled with people you can reach out to. So whenever it is possible and you have the time/energy, get involved with professional organizations, contact previous colleagues, attend conferences or workshops, and attend social events. Connecting with people who can help you with your search can actually be a great way to discover unadvertised jobs and opportunities.

4. Measure your activities
It is extremely important to keep track of your process, because it will keep you motivated. Use your lists of goals and to-dos to check things off, so you can see what you have achieved, and feel satisfied with your efforts. Carry out your plan daily (or as often as you can) and follow it until you reach your goal. The more work you put in, the more you will gain and improve along the way. This will help you stay motivated, have a more exciting daily life, grow your network, get interviews/meetings and most likely get a job.

5. Stay positive
Although it can be hard at times, you need to approach your job search with enthusiasm, even when you feel stressed or frustrated. You need to be persistent and stay motivated. Remember, that the right opportunity is waiting for you; you just have to find it. Keep applying for positions, network, and follow up with employers. Even when you go to interviews, do not let your job search lose momentum until you secure a full-time position.

Good luck! We are rooting for you!