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Get Prepared for the Online Job Fair

Online job fairs are an excellent way to meet and chat with different companies. Here are some tips and tricks on how to attract the attention of employers and how to get most out your attendance at the event


Find out which companies are attending at the online job fair. Once you have registered yourself for the event, you can see a list of all Danish companies and job vacancies.

Do more research about the companies you find interesting. What are their missions, visions and values and can you see yourself being a part of them?  If you have specific questions about a company or a job advert, write your questions down and use your curiosity in the break out rooms, where you will be able to ask the companies directly.  In that way, you will make yourself more visible to companies.

CV and Cover Letter

If you have found your dream job, you should use your knowledge and research about the company to adjust your CV and Cover Letter.

Get inspired and watch our job search video tutorial here (new tab). 

Prepare for the online job interview

You made your first impression and the company wants to know more about your skills. However, how to behave and what to say in an online job interview?

Read this article to get a greater understanding of online job interviews in Denmark (new tab).

Attending further online job fairs

Have you not found a perfect match?  What to do next?  Attending online job fairs always gives you an opportunity to expand your network and get to know some companies you probably have never heard about before. After having talked to companies at the event, it is always a good idea to follow them at LinkedIn, in case other job opportunities appear in the future.