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Danish Recruiters and Their Use of LinkedIn

The use of social media has increased in the latest years, and has become part of recruitment in Denmark

Why is LinkedIn important?

In 2021, one of the most used recruitment channels was LinkedIn. 70% of large private companies in Denmark use LinkedIn in their recruitment process. The report also shows that 49 % of smaller private and public companies have used the platform.

Not only do Danish companies use LinkedIn as part of their recruitment process, 58% look at the candidates’ LinkedIn. They especially focus on checking the jobseekers’ previous employments and their professional network.

The use of LinkedIn in Denmark has increased within the last couple of years. We have gathered some tips on how you can use LinkedIn in your job search.

How to Use LinkedIn in Your Job Search

The report shows what Danish companies focus on when looking at candidate LinkedIn profiles:

  • 73% Former employments
  • 34% Shared connections
  • 29% Profile summary
  • 23% Activity
  • 21% References
  • 9% Picture

Headline and Summary

The headline is important because it is the first thing recruiters read when looking at your profile. It is therefore vital that you show the value you can offer to a company.

LinkedIn headlines are Google optimised, which means that the keywords you choose will appear in a search, when a recruiter searches for the same words. Whenever you comment on or like a post, your LinkedIn headline will be visible, so take your time to make a good headline with relevant keywords.

When you have written your headline, think about your summary. 29% of Danish recruiters look at the profile summary and expect you to elaborate on your professional headline.

Your summary should be your competencies and skills. Write what motivates you and what you can offer to a future company. Think about the summary as a description of what you would love to do in the future, as opposed to the work experience section that focuses on what you have accomplished in your career so far.

Work Experience

73% of Danish recruiters will look at the work experience section in your LinkedIn profile. A good tip is to write down your previous employments, courses, voluntary work, exam results, etc. Afterwards, you can choose the ones you want to add to your profile, and elaborate on the skills and results you achieved in these positions. Think about which results you are the proudest of, what will add value to your profile, and if it is relevant for any future career opportunities.

The media section is also a great way for you to highlight your work, e.g. a website you have designed or products you have developed.


LinkedIn connects you with people within your industry or field. Start by connecting with people you have worked or studied with. Engage with their posts by liking and commenting, this way you will increase your online presence.  

Connecting with people you may not know personally, is also a good idea if you have mutual connections. This way you can expand your network and learn more about the industry. Networking on LinkedIn is about gaining knowledge and not an opportunity for you to ask for jobs. Be a good listener and curious about the people in your network. By doing this, you can gather information and knowledge to build relations which maybe, later on, will help you on your way to a new job.

Another tip for networking on LinkedIn is to join groups within your field of interest. Especially, as an expat, you can gain knowledge of your industry in Denmark. 

If you want to get more tips and tricks about how to use LinkedIn in your job search, you can take our LinkedIn e-learning course on our website

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