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Larger Scale Recruitment Projects

Certain sectors and companies with large demand for labour in areas with defined labour shortage can be offered to participate in larger scale recruitment projects. This could include:

Information Meetings/Webinars for Sectors and Companies

Placing Job Ads

  • Assistance with placing job ads via Jobnet for Employers / or via your own HR system.
  • Assistance with placing job ads at selected job portals in other European countries through the EURES network
  • Displaying the positions at relevant European job fairs
  • Participation in job fairs hosted by Workindenmark
  • Advertisement of company profile and open positions through digital marketing campaigns

Searching for Candidates

  • Assistance with finding suitable candidates from the European CV portal
  • Information about and instruction on how to participate in relevant job fairs (online or onsite) 
  • Opportunity to participate in targeted recruitment events in selected European countries (Denmark Days)

Information and Guidance

  • Guidance on how to place job ads internationally 
  • Information about entry rules, financial support schemes and more
  • Information about relevant Danish networks and organizations who support foreigners new to Denmark