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Labour Shortages - Skilled Workers

Overview of labour shortages for skilled workers

Here you can find the list, that shows labour shortages within fields that employ skilled workers. The list includes job titles from the Labour Market Balance which are connected to a skilled worker education.

If you are you looking to hire an employee from the list, feel free to contact us for help and guidance on how to make the position visible to international candidates.

Since the Labour Market Balance is reviewed half-yearly, changes may occur.   

Please do note that the list is only available i Danish!

Overview of labour shortages for skilled workers(PDF, in Danish)

If you are looking to hire an employee with a job title that is not on the list, you are welcome to use our digital tools, which you can find at the “FOR EMPLOYERS” menu.

We happily offer guidance on the usage of the tools, please contact us for more information.

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