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Job Fair Calendar

Expose your company profile and get direct access to qualified international candidates on job fairs

Workindenmark has a large international network and are continuously invited to participate at international job fairs. Below you will find a list of all the onsite and online job fairs we attend to attract candidates to open job positions in Denmark.

As a company, you can also participate and get direct access to qualified international candidates. You can attend as many fairs as you wish. If you are interested in participating in a job fair but feel you need information on what a participation would require, please feel free to contact us for guidance. 

You can find upcoming job fairs below here.

Upcoming Events

Participate or Let Us Represent You

You can either choose to attend the job fair yourself or be represented by Workindenmark at job fairs we attend.

The participation at job fairs organised by the EURES network is usually free. However, some fairs cost an admittance fee or require a stand fee, which you will then be charged. Your company will also have to pay own expenses for travel and accommodation.


If you choose to participate in job fairs, it is a good idea to advertise your job openings before attending, as it will boost you chances of getting in contact with relevant candidates. This means you should place your job ads a couple of weeks before the fair.

Watch this short video about participation in job fairs with Workindenmark.

How Workindenmark’s job fair helped us find an IT specialist from Spain

“We are regularly looking for highly skilled IT candidates with expertise in software development. These candidates are not easy to find, but when we participate in Workindenmark’s online job fairs, we are able to reach a large pool of international highly skilled candidates. A great example is from the job fair Make IT Work in Denmark (March 2021) where we met Jose from Spain who has now moved to Odense and is working for us as Senior Software Developer”.

Magdalena Zaremba Andersen, Search- and Recruitment Consultant at Hesehus in Odense, Denmark. (Video in Danish).