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Manuel Sainz

Lead Telecommunications Engineer at Banedanmark


Name: Manuel Sainz
Age: 36
Nationality: Spanish
Company: Banedanmark
Title/ Education: Engineer Lead / Telecommunications Engineer

Manuel is from Spain and working as Engineer Lead in Banedanmark.

I ended up in Denmark because

I already had contact with the Danish culture and education while I was doing an Erasmus in Aalborg. I knew that it was what I was looking for; balanced work-life opportunities for anyone.

What surprises me most about working in Denmark is

That the work style is based on self-responsibility on having the tasks done. Therefore, experienced professionals may find a job easier since they already know how to perform the tasks associated to the position working from the beginning with independency. Another plus is its job flat hierarchy, meaning that you can ask your CEO which Coffee shop tastes better and he will gladly give you suggestions. Because above titles and responsibilities in Denmark, we are all equally and we all enjoy the small things of life, like coffee, ice cream and churros.

My Danish colleagues are

Polite, always willing to help and answer questions from work and private life. As a newcomer to Denmark they are my main source of information regarding any personal issue for dealing with the day to day Danish bureaucracy and social life.

Life in Denmark is

Is digital. Your smartphone or computer will handle all your needs if you do not trust yourself speaking Danish. Freedom with social responsibility and equality is one of the Danish pillars; there are rules and obligations but no one to control you at each step. By following them we show respect to others, making life in Denmark better. Enjoy what Denmark offers but also come to contribute for a better tomorrow for everyone.

I would recommend anybody moving to Denmark to

Be proactive and ask for help and request information, always with respect. No one will fill your forms or find apartment for you. But they will put effort on helping you in the points beyond your reach while being abroad or when you are new in Denmark. Ask your colleagues, expats or organizations like Workindenmark for information regarding any work-life bureaucracy issue (but do not ask them to solve it for you). Moving do Denmark is a good investment: low risk for high gain.