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Prepare for your stay in Denmark, or for hiring new employees, by reading our Workindenmark publications

Workindenmark has produced a series of publications with information that will help you to get off to a good start, whether you have come to Denmark to work, or you have hired an employee from a foreign country.

We have divided our publications into two categories: publications for employees and for employers. You can read, download or print the publications you need.

Publications for Employers

Welcome to Denmark
Workindenmark’s guide, "Welcome to Denmark” contains information for new citizens about Danish society as well as useful information which can make it easier for you to settle into professional and private life in Denmark. The guide can be downloaded or ordered in paper via Workindenmark.

Recruiting highly skilled employees from abroad
Højtkvalificeret arbejdskraft fra udlandet (Danish)
Is your company having difficulties finding an employee with the right skill set in Denmark? Workindenmark can help you find qualified candidates abroad - and give them a good start in Denmark.

Rekruttering fra udlandet (pdf)
Learn more about recruiting employees from abroad.

Publications for Employees

Welcome to Denmark
Workindenmark’s guide, "Welcome to Denmark” contains information for New Citizens about Danish Society as well as useful information which can make it easier for you to settle into professional and private life in Denmark. The guide can be downloaded or ordered in paper via Workindenmark.

Live and Work in Denmark
Do you want more information on living and working in Denmark? We have collected the most essential tips and information for you here.

Make it work in Denmark
Meet 7 expats currently working and living in Denmark. They share their experiences about working and living in Denmark to inspire others who are considering relocating to Denmark.

Tips for your job search in Denmark in general
Tips for your job search in Denmark Students
Advice on job search in Denmark. The publication has two different editions, one for jobseekers in general and one edited specially for students.

Make it Work in Denmark E-learning course
This flyer gives you a short introduction to Workindenmark's e-learning course on job search "Make It Work in Denmark".

International Students
Advice on student jobs and jobs after graduation.

Know your rights and obligations when working in Denmark
Do I need a work contract – and what should it contain? Is there a statutory minimum wage in Denmark? What are the rules concerning health and safety? Where do I pay my tax? Do I need a work- and residence permit? You will find answers to your questions in our brochure.

Denmark is looking for medical specialists
Looking for a career as a medical specialist in Denmark? Read about your possibilities and learn more about the process of getting a job in Denmark.

If you are an employer, it might also be a good idea to look through the publications for employees, in order to be informed of their rights and obligations and to be able to help a new international employee during their stay.

Til dig der har fået job i udlandet (Danish)
What to do if you got a job abroad? Find out here.

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on this website or in one of our publications, you are welcome to contact Workindenmark.