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The simpleness of a job offer in Denmark – by Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs from Latvia

Finding the right fit in Denmark

Name: Aleksandrs Aleksandrovs
Age: 39
Nationality: Latvian
Company: SDU Odense
Title/education: Data manager

Why did you choose Denmark as your career destination?

Interestingly, my journey towards new professional challenges didn’t start with a country, but rather with an aspiration of finding the best fit to my further professional development. My search was not restricted to one or a set of specific countries. However, when an opportunity appeared, I had no doubts on whether to move to Denmark or not. After all, it is widely known as the happiest country in the World. Also, as a relatively well-travelled person and having many friends in Nordic countries I was absolutely sure that Denmark would be a very safe and predictable destination with very good quality of life.

How did you find your current job?

As my previous experience concentrated in the area of academic research, I was following specialized newsletters with job listings from universities and research centers in Europe and beyond. And one day among many advertised positions I noticed one of a data manager that fit perfectly my expectations and experience. My skill-set is quite specific, it brings together social research and IT, so I was confident my skillset would be a great match to the University of Southern Denmark expectations.

Was it difficult or easy to land a job in Denmark?

The whole experience was very smooth, friendly and not bureaucratic at all. The on-line application system was easy to use and I found all information about the application procedure and data processing. 

What surprised you the most about job search in Denmark?

Very simple procedures, efficient communication with involved parties over e-mail or Zoom, all in English. It was interesting to learn that such important steps as offering a position and releasing a job offer letter can look very simple, but be legally binding at the same time.

What surprised you the most about Danish workplace culture?

In one word — it is very open and efficient. People seem to work slightly less hours while still accomplishing what was planned. Another aspect is that all colleagues are easily approachable for opinion and discussion, even those in senior positions.

What was the main factor that helped you getting a job in Denmark?

I believe it was a beneficial combination of work experience in international research projects complemented with professional knowledge of IT — this is not a very common combination.

If you could give one tip to others looking for a job in Denmark, what would that be?

Be confident that you will feel welcome and comfortable even without speaking any Danish in the beginning. And that there will be a lot of opportunities and support for learning the language.

How did you create a social network in Denmark?

It is pretty much in process. I’ve found several groups for expats in Odense and started following their agenda. Unfortunately, the pandemic slows down any socialization. During my first month I mostly met with my new colleagues whenever it was possible under present health safety recommendations. But I definitely look forward to expanding my cultural activities, exploring the city and its surroundings together with new friends.