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Over 2,000 jobseekers attend European (Online) Job Days in Denmark

Article from EURES: Another successful EOJD event was organised recently, this time by EURES Denmark. We asked Recruitment Consultant and EURES Adviser Jørgen Uldall-Ekman to tell us more about the event and what made it a success.

How did the idea of the event originate?

Our job is to attract jobseekers to Denmark, and we were looking for ways to draw a greater number of candidates. On-site job fairs are great, but we thought that an online event could have a wider reach, as it makes it easier for people to join from the comfort of their homes. This was our second virtual job fair in many years, and I think our hard work paid off.

Can you share details about the event?

We had 24 companies and info stands during the event, and over 220 job openings. Around 2,300 candidates signed up for the sessions and the companies were very pleased with the candidates that approached them. Compared to our first EOJD in 2021, the number of candidates in March was almost double.
The event covered topics such as:

  • getting to know Denmark as a career destination
  • tips for finding a job in Denmark
  • living and working in Denmark
  • meeting Danish companies.

How did COVID-19 affect the organisation of this event?

The pandemic did not have a big impact on our work. Many candidates and companies were already used to using online tools, and our EOJDs were a great possibility for companies and candidates to meet during these difficult times. One challenge we faced was that it was difficult to record videos following safety measures. As a result, a couple of colleagues had to record everything − for example, a webinar about job search, and a video about living and working in Denmark.

How did this E(O)JD event compare to other similar events you have organised in the past?

This event targeted a broader range of profiles, whereas our previous fair was all about information technology. Therefore, we were able to invite more companies and candidates, which was great. Having so many participants did pose some challenges − it was difficult to predict which companies would sign up and what vacancies they would announce. But it all worked out in the end, as we received great feedback from both companies and jobseekers, and we reached many qualified EU and non-EU candidates.

Are you planning any similar events in the future?

We have another online event planned for June 2021. The event has a slightly different format, as we will place more focus on live sessions instead of pre-recorded videos. For this event, we have decided not to invite employers to join live chat sessions because many Danish companies are having problems with Skype. We will feature a lot of vacancies so that candidates can see the many possibilities Denmark has for them.
The whole event will be held live, and we will be ready to answer candidates’ questions about Denmark, such as living and working conditions, job search tips, healthcare, taxes, etc. We will also provide information about some of our major industries, such as biotech, green energy (wind), and robotics.

Could you share any feedback from E(O)JD participants?

Yes, the companies that attended the event were very satisfied with the candidates that approached them, and many have already found suitable hires.

“Thank you for a great event. It has been a very positive experience, and we have benefitted greatly considering how easy and effortless it was to join the fair.”
Anne Staal Højer, Employer Branding Specialist, Kamstrup

“Thank you for inviting us and for your support before and during the event. We were able to find five qualified candidates. We are currently inviting all of them to job interviews. We would definitely like to join any future events.”
Catharina Maria Nordlien, Site Programme Manager, Uber

“For us, this event was a huge success! We were able to meet talented candidates, we invited a number of them for programming tests and interviews, and we are thrilled to be able to hire one of them − a Spanish senior software developer − who will join us in Denmark in one month.”
Magdalena Zaremba Andersen, Search and Recruitment Consultant, Hesehus

EURES adviser with his computer