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Dachser's path to finding a new international colleague

Workindenmark can help you find the right candidate for the job

”I had expected that what we were looking for would hit a very narrow target group, but it turned out that if you send your message out via the right channels, then there are really good candidates to be found.”

- These are the words of Alexandra Hartung, Communications Manager Nordic, at Dachser Nordic A/S. They have just been in touch with a Recruitment Consultant from Workindenmark, in order to have a vacancy advertised and filled.

During 2021, Dachser Nordic has expanded its Shared Service Center (SSC) for their communications department to, also, cover Finland – in addition to covering Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Dachser Nordic’s communications department is located at Helseholmen, in Hvidovre, with representation of all the Nordic countries. For this reason, they now also had to recruit a Finnish-speaking communications employee, with the right competencies.

It was of the utmost importance for Alexandra Hartung that the candidate was educated in communication, could master Finnish at an academic level and was ready to work at their SSC department in Denmark. “A very narrow target group”, as Alexandra herself puts it.

Helena Nielsen, who is a recruitment consultant at Workindenmark, noticed Alexandra’s vacancy advert and reached out to her, to advice on the opportunity to use the services of Workindenmark and EURES.

Helena could advise, and provide input, on what was important to focus on in the advertising, so that Dachser Nordic could reach a wide audience – also outside Denmark - and on making it attractive, for the right candidate, to settle in Denmark.

The vacancy advert was placed on the EURES portal, and sent to matching candidates from the Workindenmark and EURES CV databases. Furthermore, the Finnish EURES staff promoted the vacancy in Finland.

Within four weeks, Dachser Nordic received 32 applications from highly qualified candidates. There were applications from Denmark, Finland and Sweden – as well as from Spain. All of the applicants were either willing to move to Denmark, or had just moved here.

For Dachser Nordic and Alexandra, this has meant that they have now found their perfect candidate with the right competencies, and at the same time, they were lucky that the candidate already lived in Denmark and was ready to join their team.

Are you finding it difficult to fill a vacancy?
Work in Denmark/ EURES provides the labour market with digital solutions for the recruitment of international candidates, and aids business in areas with a particular shortage of highly qualified workers. If you want to know more, then please feel free to contact us via phone on 7222 3300 or via e-mail at